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Lake Tahoe Advertising

Before you decide where to spend your website advertising dollars, you owe it to yourself to spend a few minutes to read the information provided here.
Save on AdvertisingIt could save you thousands of dollars!

"Organic" search engine listings are those listings that have not been purchased by an advertiser. On Google, the "organic" listings are those results found on the left side of your screen.

The cost per click for Lake Tahoe's competitive keywords can easily exceed $3.00. A common metric used, is your cost per 1000 impressions.

It is increasingly difficult to build a website representing a single small business and get it to rank well for highly competitive keyword phrases.

AdvertisingSome Lake Tahoe portal websites have switched their focus to advertising revenue. In order to save costs, they have forsaken keeping their site's information up to date in favor of low cost linking schemes. This strategy is risky at best.

Your website's server logs contain valuable information about where traffic to your website originates. Referrals tell you which webpage contained the link that was used to access your website.

AdvertisingIt is best to avoid any portal site that utilizes "framed" links for your website.

The purpose of your advertisements on the Internet, is to have someone click on your direct link to your website.

Just as you focus on building content in your website, you should focus on building content in your Internet advertising.


Need some help identifying keyword phrases?

Keyword Selector Tool

 Keyword recommendations from Yahoo!

Several of the available Lake Tahoe portal websites are maintained honoring the notion that your customer surfs the Internet to look for advertisements. The Internet was designed to enable information access. A subtle and important difference.

With Internet advertising, your first line of copy may come from many different sources. Examine the copy. Which copy would you click on?

If your Internet advertising has the "look and feel" of a newspaper or magazine's Want Ad section, do you really expect your ad to perform any better?

30 Sales Tools You Can Use to Control the Mind of Your Prospect to Motivate, Influence and Persuade.
Joseph Sugarman
ISBN 1-891686-03-08

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Advertising on Dream Lake Tahoe!

AdvertisingLet's face it, when it comes time to drive more traffic to your website, your phone can ring off the wall with offers. Many, too good to be true. You will want to focus your ad dollars wisely to augment a long term strategy to optimize your website's content for the best "organic" results.

Pay Per Click Advertising

PPC services can be a valuable tool to drive traffic to your website. Advertising your website with a reputable search engine will allow you to increase your website's traffic, if your website is not highly ranked for the keywords most often used to find your business's services.

For many, the 3 major search engines: GOOGLE, YAHOO, & MSN are the obvious choices for "Pay Per Click" services. If your keyword phrases are highly competitive, you can expect to pay $500 or more per month to run your ad campaign on a major search engine.

Portal or Directory Internet Guides

AdvertisingIf you can't beat 'em, join 'em! There is strength in numbers for some "organic" search engine results. These sites rank well, in part, because they contain numerous pages covering some geographic or general services concern.

There are, perhaps, a dozen Lake Tahoe Portal or Directory websites worth some consideration. The primary advantage to you, is a savings in advertising dollars. How do you know whom to try?

Why Dream Lake Tahoe?

There are few frustrations as annoying as spending part of your limited ad budget on advertisements that do not work. Hope slowly gives way to despair. One of my customers commented about their advertising efforts with a local newspaper:

 "The only time the advertising (paper) generated any significant new business, is when they ran a feature article on my company!"

The same may hold true for your advertising promotions in a trade magazine, or on an Internet website. Think BIG! Think a full page ad on the Wall Street Journal! At a fraction of the cost, this is the stuff of the Internet.

'Be Featured' on Dream Lake Tahoe

Gossamer is pleased to offer an effective advertising opportunity for your Lake Tahoe business. Be Featured! Unlike advertising in a local newspaper , or magazine, or some portal websites. Your advertising on Dream Lake Tahoe will provide your business with a great first impression.

How important is that first impression? We compared the traffic generated by a $500 per month ad campaign from one of the major search engines, to that generated by our 'Be Featured' advertisements on Dream Lake Tahoe.

Jan 2005 Feb 2005 March 2005
21.5% 35% 43.5% 27.6% 36.5% 35.9% 29% 21.4% 49.6%
11.5% 15.6% 73.3% 7.7% 14% 78.3% 7.7% 8.3% 84%
7.2% 22.5% 70.3% 8.6% 13.2% 78.2% 6.5% 11.8% 81.7%

Comparison of traffic referrals for three Lake Tahoe websites.

DLT - Dream Lake Tahoe, PPC - Pay Per Click, ORG - Organic listings

Feature Me Now! Advertising

Would Your Company Benefit?

Take this simple test. Go to your favorite search engine and search on 3 or 4 keywords starting with 'lake tahoe', followed by one of your company's major products or services. For example, you could search on 'lake tahoe rental', or 'lake tahoe catering'. If you find your company's website is listed in one of the first three pages, CONGRATULATIONS.

If, on the other hand, you find a listing for Dream Lake Tahoe, then

Feature Me Now!Advertising

By the way, be sure to try this on YAHOO, GOOGLE & MSN. A hit on any one of these services is a guaranteed traffic booster! If you like, we can you save you some time and generate a comprehensive report for you.

Advertising Triggers

The fact that becoming 'featured' works is based on some sound advertising principals. All copy writers should be familiar with this general rule:

  • The purpose of the first line of copy is to get the reader to read the second line of copy.
  • The purpose of the second line of copy is to get the reader to read the third line of copy.
  • ...

On the Internet, our task is somewhat tougher, we must get our reader to take action and click on the next link!

Feature Me Now!Advertising

The Slippery Slide

Readers of Joseph Sugarman may be familiar with this advertising trigger. In Internet terms, your potential customer climbs to the top of a slide by initiating a keyword search. With the search results, a choice is made. How well is your slide oiled?

The slipperiest slide is the link that get clicked! So you are attentive to the oil at the top, have you paid attention to how well oiled the rest of the slide is? Does your slide slip into a sale? When your slide (Internet advertising) is well oiled, your new customers are drawn toward your website like moths to a fire.

Customers are compelled to click on your link, which compels them to click on another link, which eventually lands you a sale! Now check that advertising trail toward your website, are you featured?

Feature Me Now!Advertising


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